The Drawing Club of Improbable Dreams

How to Create a Club for Art


This book shows how to start and run a drawing club for

creative exploration. Included are exercises for 3 complete sessions which would  take a club through its first year.


Published by Findhorn Press, 2015.


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Making Art a Practice

How to Be the Artist You Are


This book offers 30 action exercises to make art a practice

to meet and grow the creative self in the world. It includes

art by over 20 contemporary artists both celebrated and

lesser known. It celebrates the artist in all of us.


Published by Findhorn Press, 2013.

Winner in Arts Category of Foreword Reviews 2013.


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The Confident Creative  /
Drawing to Free the Hand and MInd

The book shows how drawing can connect us with our

true creative selves with ease. It offers ways

to overcome the obstacles to creativity by making

art in a yogic way. Illustrated with art by 20 artists.

See first 33 pages here.

Published by Findhorn Press, 2010.
Gold medal winner The Nautilus Book Awards 2011.


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